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Stranded by my airline! Now What?

Most of you have probably heard by now that an airline cancelled some flights between Mexico and Minneapolis last weekend due to Winter Storm Xanto (yes, I am a weather geek - although I do think naming winter storms is stupid!). OK, that happens. But what made these cancellations different is that they were the last flights out of Mexico for the season for the airline. Those planes were due at a different (non-snowed in) area after they dropped of the Minneapolis passengers. Since they couldn't get to Minneapolis, the airline chose to just fly the planes to the new location, refunded the passenger's money for the return flight, and told them to find their own way home! If you have ever tried to purchase last-minute airfare, you know that those tickets were much more expensive than the refund they got for the flight they purchased as part of a package six months ago!

It got me thinking about those passengers. What do they do next? If they had purchased travel insurance for their vacation, they would have called their travel consultant and/or the insurance company. In this particular situation, the insured passengers would have been covered with trip interruption and trip delay benefits. Meaning they would have had coverage to help pay for the more expensive flights home, and, if needed, to help pay for costs associated with having to wait for the next available flight.

The bottom line is, vacations are expensive. Things happen. Investigate travel insurance and include it in your vacation plan. I always recommend it to my clients!